Our Team

    Grace Henrikson, Team Lead

    Grace has a high understanding that each market faces its own challenges & knows that every client is different which makes every experience with Grace truly unique.

    In addition to bringing customized experiences, Grace brings a level of mastery not seen in the Real Estate Industry. With an extreme focus on being learning based, Grace continuously invests in the growth of her knowledge & skills by completing several training hours on a monthly basis.  She is able to provide her clients with expert contract knowledge & negotiations. Because of her high level of expertise & application, Grace has been selected to help train, lead & coach others in the Real Estate industry allowing her to play an innovative role in raising the bar of professionalism.

    Grace believes in paying things forward & is passionate about being the bridge from where people are to where they’d like to go. She loves sharing the experiences that she’s personally learned as well as those that she’s learned from others. This allows everyone to have the freedom of choosing the best options that’s the right fit for them.


    Amanda Weis, Director of Operations

    Amanda’s two passions in life are her family and real estate. She was raised in Colorado where she first fell in love with real estate when becoming a leasing consultant for a national REIT. She went on to pursue Property Management for 17 years in Colorado and eventually Washington before making the switch to residential real estate and joining The Home Experience Group.

    She is not only an expert in the property management world, she has successfully navigated multiple personal multi-family investments, flips and single family buy and holds. She hopes to use her investment skills to help any and all friends, family and clients grow their portfolio and find financial freedom through real estate. In her free time she enjoys softball, football, hiking, traveling, trying new things and enjoying life with her husband Troy and daughter Emory.


    Corey Riel, Buyer’s Specialist (King & Kittitas Counties)

    Corey grew up in the Yakima Valley in eastern Washington. In 2010, while working for T-Mobile, Corey went back to school to obtain certifications in Digital Forensics, and eDiscovery in order to help build out T-Mobile’s West Coast forensics lab, and became the newest member of T-Mobile’s Computer Forensics team.  While much of his day was spent investigating computer crimes, he continued to use his strong customer service skills to provide updates to business partners, law enforcement, and lawyers daily.

    Corey made the switch to real estate as a result of an overwhelming number of his friends being in real estate fields, naturally the passion for such an exciting field is going to be catchy! In researching homes for himself he discovered that he really enjoyed the hunt for the perfect property; and thought he’d love to provide that service to others, who may not have time or inclination to look through countless listings. This seemed like an organic use of his customer service skills blended with his passion for real estate and research! It is his intention to continue to use those years of customer service experience to provide an amazing, and confident buying experience for clients working with The Home Experience group.

    In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, bow hunting, cooking, watching The Seahawks, and traveling.


    Tyrone Bafaro, Buyer’s Specialist (Snohomish & King Counties)

    With over 14 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, Tyrone has worked with buyers, sellers, investors, and developers. He is a high-level communicator that always keeps his clients in the loop. Tyrone has a background in leadership, sales, and communication training but to him, all of this means nothing unless his clients are happy. His primary focus is in educating his clients on both the condition of a home as well as the best route to purchase it. He has worked with clients purchasing cash, using financing, and hard money (private money). Tyrone understands how best to use different purchasing programs and what will work best for his client’s home purchase.

    Tyrone is a local who grew up in the Seattle area and lived here all his life. He enjoys ” …spending time with family, friends, and being at the top of a mountain on a snowmobile ride or on a boat in the sound!” His goal is to travel as much as possible and see the world.

    Karen Phan, Marketing Director

    With a background in Development Communication major in Community Broadcasting, Karen ventured early into remote-based positions to support her through schooling. Little did she know that what she thought would be a simple part-time gig to get her through college would turn into a decade of professional experience in online marketing and social media management. She has worked with several multimedia companies by providing online content and media services. She is highly-proficient in article and content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web content creation, and web design.

    She is also a trained virtual-based real estate assistant who is capable of handling general administrative tasks as well as prospecting calls. Since 2015, she has worked with several big names in U.S. Real Estate, and she looks forward to a decade more of growth in the industry she has learned to love. She planned to be an architect, just like her parents, but she discovered while working with real estate teams that there is longer-lasting satisfaction in helping clients “build” their lives by helping them find the perfect home.

    Karen is a mom to a hyperactive son and a My Little Pony-fanatic daughter. Her husband is a martial arts instructor at university, and they enjoy frequent family outings and food trips on weekends.