Read This if You are Planning on Building a Career in Real Estate

    Many people find a career in real estate to be satisfying and financially rewarding. It’s fast-paced, you get to meet new people, and you can manage your time as you wish. Above all, you get to help people with one of their biggest life decisions and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you worked hard to make your client happy with your results. However, a career in real estate isn’t for everyone. Here’s a fact sheet on what it actually means to work as a real estate agent, and a list of attributes we think you should have if you want to pursue a real estate career.


    Learning from a Mentor

    Real Estate Agents are better off working with mentors starting out. You just can’t go solo as soon as you start a career in real estate, mainly because you’re not familiar with the way things are done YET. The ritual is usually to come work for an experienced real estate agent or a real estate company to learn the ins and outs of the business. If you are not comfortable with the idea of “tutelage on the job”, tread cautiously as you pursue a real estate career going solo, as you may find it hard to know all the facets of the business without expert guidance.

    Who Do You Know?

    Before you become a famous real estate agent in your area, you jump-start your business and build on your track record with the people you know. The real estate business isn’t just about closing a deal and receiving a commission. It’s about serving as a bridge that meets the needs of two parties. With probably hundreds of other agents working in your area, you build on your business starting with the people who are willing to give it a shot with you. So, if you are not comfortable with reaching out to your friends and relatives to offer your services, then you might have to rethink how you’ll fit in the real estate industry.

    Its NOT Just About the Commission

    While real estate agents are often poorly understood because of the misconception that our job is all about the money, seasoned professionals know for a fact that a real estate agent’s work is selfless and could be one of the most giving professions that can be pursued.  They say that the success of an agent can be measured on the number of successful transactions closed. While some people look at the total “sales volume” of an agent, it makes more sense to look at the number of transactions closed. Multiply that by 2, and that’s the number of people an agent successfully helped in finding a home for their growing family or selling a home for a family in urgent need of moving out or for whatever reason they may have of selling up. Real estate is a “people” business, and you can’t survive long in the field if you are all about the money.




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